K-lo Ecodiseño, S.L. Design Studio.

Ecodesign K-lo Taller It is a multidisciplinary studio of architects, engineers, designers, advertisers and professionals from several areas whose objective is to offer products and services of high quality under the premise of sustainable design. Besides we offer services:

  • Architecture
  • Store Showcase Design
  • Product Design
  • Furniture
  • Stands/Fairs
  • Personalized Designs
  • Signs
  • E-construction
  • Model Making
  • DIY

The world is rapidly changing and sometimes not for the better. That is why we are doing our best where we can. Our intent is to be as Green as possible.

We need Cultural, productive and technological change to stand up to the issues we see from globalization – climate change, an overcrowding population, an economic crisis and human values. At K-lo Ecodiseño, S.L. Design Studio. we believe that our help to the planet is involving you in all aspects of our sustainable design. Striving to reduce the eco impact it has on the environment we rethink the product life cycle.

With our professional experience, we want to go back to craftsmanship with a contemporary view. We do product and interior design and we are architects. We support local projects and care about social and environmental issues involved in our work.